Applicant FAQs

What is the application process?

Applications are processed first come, first serve. After your application has been completely filled out and either submitted online or to our office, we will perform a background & credit check then speak with your current landlord & employer as references. Personal references may also be requested. The decision to approve or deny an application will be made based on these criteria. Application fees are not refundable if your application is processed however if your application is not processed, we will refund your application fee.

How can I apply for one of your properties?

  • Fill out an online application here
  • Print an application and turn it into our office
  • Fax application to (619) 464-7497
  • Email application to

Do you run a credit report?

Yes, the application process includes running your credit as well as a background check.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, the application fee is $40 per adult. This can be paid online or at our office with cash, cashier’s check, or money order made out to Rock Pointe Services. Personal checks will not be accepted for application fees.

Do you have an income requirement?

We require that the combined monthly income for your household must be at least two and a half times the advertised rent.

What can be used to verify income?

Recent forms of paystubs, tax returns, bank statements are all valid for income verification. If you are in the military, and LES will suffice; self-employment, a 1040 tax return. If you are starting new employment, we will accept an “offer letter” from an employer with your proposed salary listed.

Is there a holding deposit?

No – your application will hold your place in line for a vacancy. If your application is approved, you will be required to submit your full Security Deposit as soon as possible. If you do not pay your security deposit within 24 hours of approval, you may lose your spot in line for the unit. Once the security deposit is paid, all advertising will be stopped and the unit will be held for you until you move in. If you need to withdraw your application after the deposit is paid and all advertising has halted the deposit is refundable however, there will be a fee for charged to your deposit to cover the cost of resuming advertising.

Do you have any pet breed restrictions?

If a vacancy does allow pets we will not consider applicants with a Pit-bull, Doberman, or Rottweiler unless the pet is an authorized service or emotional support animal. All applicants will need to fill out a Pet Application through – the Pet Application is $20/pet or free for service or emotional support animals.